The History of the Pekin Bantam

The first Pekins seen in Britain were imported in the 1860s following the looting of the Summer Palace in Peking during the Anglo-French Expedition. We are unsure why the “g” was lost from the end of the word but today the correct spelling is “Pekin”.

The Pekins brought over to Britain were Buff, which were said to be pets belonging to the Emperor of Peking.

Following their great popularity further colours of Pekin were imported from China over following years, these being black and cuckoos. Over the years many breeders took the Pekin on in their breeding programmes and by crossing a black Pekin with a white Booted Bantam, white Pekins were created.

Over the years Pekins were worked on very enthusiastically by poultry breeders all over Britain – they may not have had much knowledge of genetics but their dedication has resulted in the array of colours which we see on the show bench today.

About the Pekin Bantam today....

Pekin Bantams are a very docile "true bantam" - which simply means they have no larger counterpart. They make ideal pets for families with young, great backyard pets due to their ability to lay quite a large amount of eggs per year, or for the more adventurous - an excellent show bird.

Because the Pekin Bantam has such a wide following you can be sure to find a reputable breeder not too far away from your area. Our club has a list of breeders detailing their location and colours kept which can be purchased from our Treasurer.