Join The Pekin Bantam Club of Great Britain

Thank you for your interest in joining the Pekin Bantam Club of Great Britain.

For its members the club provides a breeders directory, a copy of the current Pekin Club breed and colour standards, two newsletters per year, the chance to win trophies at our main shows throughout the country and also rosettes for best of breed and best of each colour.

Our membership fees are:

  • Single member £12.00
  • Senior member £10.00 (over the age of 65)
  • Junior member £10.00 (under the age of 16)

  • At the present time joining or renewing membership using the paypal buttons on this web site is unavailable.
    People wishing to join or renew can do so by making payment via their own paypal account using the email

    Please don't forget to add your name, address and the membership you require plus an extra 44pence to cover paypals fees.

To join via postal mail, simply download the membership form listed below and post it with a cheque made payable to “The Pekin Bantam Club” to: Mr Jonathan Peters, 14 Piplar Ground, Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire. BA15 1XF

The Pekin Bantam Club Constitution

1. That the Club be called “The Pekin Bantam Club of Great Britain”.
2. That the objects of the Club be:
a) The promotion of the breeding and exhibition of the various standard colour of the breed.
b) The suppression of fraud and dishonourable conduct connected therewith of its officers.
c) To guarantee and extended classification for the breed at a number of Shows throughout
the Kingdom, and to appoint competent judges to adjudicate at such Shows. The judges
must be from our Judges panel.
d) To advance the interests of Pekin Bantam Fanciers generally
e) To promote Best Practice in management of poultry
f) To offer support and educational facilities to its membership
3. That the Officers of the Pekin Bantam Club be:-
President Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary
Treasurer Newsletter Editor Trophy Secretary
Pekin Facebook Admin Officers X 3 (Social Media)
4. That the committee shall consist of the officers of the Club. The committee plus club
members present at the AGM shall decide upon the Shows to be supported by the Club
and the grants to be made thereto; and all other matters connected therewith.
5. All Officers to be elected annually by the members and that the whole of the Officers
retire annually, but be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.
6. That any member being desirous of standing for election as an Officer of the Club shall
notify such desire to the Secretary 28 days before the Annual General Meeting.
The Club will consist of an unlimited number of members whose names, addresses
and details will be kept on a database by the Secretary and Treasurer available for use
by the Committee in the course of their duties. All members recorded details will be
confidential and will be deleted from the Club records once membership has ceased (in
accordance with the Data Protection Act currently in force).
8. That the members may have the power to add to or alter any rule of the Club at
the Annual General Meeting, subject to the Secretary being informed of any such
amendment 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting
shall consist of Chairperson’s Report, Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report and a
President’s Report. Items for inclusion at the AGM shall be made one calendar month
prior to the AGM, and if the item needs to be voted upon by members it shall be
accompanied with the names of the Proposer and Seconder!
9. Postal votes for Nominated Officers shall be posted to all members no later than two
weeks prior to the AGM. No Proxy votes shall be permitted at the AGM or Extraordinary
General Meetings.
10. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the membership at any time and
shall be convened on a requisition in writing signed by 15% or more members stating the
object of such a meeting.
11. Thirty days notice shall be given of any Extraordinary General Meeting to all paid-up
members of the Club.
12. That the Annual General Meeting be held at the venue of the Club Show or such other
Show as the Committee may decide, and that 28 days’ notice be given to the members
as to the time and place of holding such Annual General Meeting, and of any Special
General Meetings that may be held from time to time as the Committee shall think fit.
13. That the Club Trophies – Cups – etc shall be returned to the Trophy Secretary 28 days
prior to the Annual General Meeting and that all winners of the Club Trophies – Cups
– etc shall give this undertaking to the Trophy Secretary in writing, e-mail or Facebook
Messenger on receiving them.
14. The Club shall consist of Life Members, Members, Juvenile Members and Senior
Citizens. Subscriptions are payable in advance on quarter dates of each year. For
example if you join the Club in May your subscription is payable to the Club is payable
between the 1st April and 30th June.
15. A juvenile is deemed has under 16 years of age and shall have no right to vote. A juvenile
has a choice he or she can enter classes that fall under 16 years of age or enter the open
16. That any matter of business not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the
Committee. That if any business shall arise requiring immediate attention the Secretary
shall, instead of calling a meeting of the Committee, communicate with all the Officers of
the Club, giving them particulars of the business requiring attention, when the Secretary
shall decide what action to be taken by accepting the opinions of the majority expressed
in such replies as he or she shall receive from the Officers as final: and that minor
matters of urgency, or matters that, in the opinion of the Secretary, do not necessitate
the calling of a meeting of the Committee, shall be dealt with by the President, Chairman
and Treasurer in consultation.
17. That any member wishing to resign shall send his or her resignation to the Secretary in
writing or by e-mail on the first quarter of any calender year for example 1st January,
1st April etc; whose subscription shall be in arrears on any of those quarter days in any
year; having had fourteen days’ notice thereof, made by the decision of the Committee
be struck off the list of members and thereby relinquish all claim to the property of the
Club. Provided that if the Committee do not decide to cancel his or her membership,
any member whose subscription shall be in arrear shall be debarred from winning any
of the trophies, rosettes or prize cards offered by the Club for such period as his or her
subscription shall remain in arrears.
18. The Pekin Bantam Club to remain affiliated to the Poultry Club of GB National
Championship Show and The National Federation of Poultry Clubs.
if the conduct of a member, in the opinion of the Committee, is deemed to be injurious
or prejudicial to the Club the member will be expelled from the Club after due process.
An appeals process will be made available. Appeals will be heard by a team of three
club members who are not on the Committee at any given time. This team of three will
then report back to the Officers of the Club with their findings and report on whether the
individual was unfairly dismissed or not.
Anyone wishing to become a Judge would be required to have kept and exhibited for
a minimum of seven years and would be referred to the committee, who’s duty it is to
maintain a set number of names on the judges panel.
To become a Pekin Judge it is in your interest to pass your True Bantam Judging test
through the Poultry Club of GB. This is not a mandatory requirement. However you must
be invited to judge three regional Shows and your name will be added to the secondary
list of judges. When judges from the main list decide to retire, or no longer wish to judge
consideration will be given by the club committee to the person who is the secondary list
to move up to the Main List. All judges will have their position reviewed from time to time
to establish if they wish to continue or discontinue as a judge. The Honorary Secretary at
the time will write to all judges.
21. All assets and funds of the Club will remain the sole property of the membership and will
be controlled and maintained by the Officers on behalf of the membership.
22. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping of all Income and Expenditure and shall
present a financial report to members at the Annual General Meeting. The majority of
transactions should be made by cheque or Pay Pal.
23. Bank accounts shall be operated in the name of Pekin Bantam Club and withdrawals
shall be made on the signature of any two out of three signatories who are members of
the Club.
24. To be eligible to compete at Club Shows, members need to be paid up at least 28 days
prior to the Show for rosettes and cups.
25. In the event of the Club being wound-up all assets shall be auctioned, with the proceeds
in the first instance being used to pay any outstanding debts. Any proceeds remaining
shall be distributed according to a majority vote of the members at that time, with the
proposed allocation being between the National Federation of Poultry Clubs and the
Poultry Club of Great Britain and any others to be considered.

Membership Forms & Standing Order Forms