Todmorden Show 2011

View Printer Friendly Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It was an honour to have been asked to judge Pekins (this being my first appointment) at The Pekin Regional Show at Todmorden.


I anticipated it being a somewhat daunting task – but was soon put at east by Peter Harrison with his customary smile plus a cup of coffee!


Considering the time of year I found the majority of birds to be in good feather.


It was encouraging to see such a good entry (particularly in the black classes) with a lovely black female going on to be “Best True Bantam”, but noticeably absent were entries in other colours.


Now I would like to thank Lauren Sanderson” as my very able steward. She did a great job!


Results of Pekin entries:


Black male
1st J Kay & Sons
Good type – small bird – well prepared, lovely footings

2nd David Sill
Very nice bird, good top colour – yellow legs

3rd S&S Windle
Nice bird – good type and colour

Black female
1st W Birkett & Sons – (Best true Bantam)
Lovely bird – good top colour and very well prepared

2nd W Birkett
Nice bird – lovely footings not such good top colour as first bird

3rd S&S Windle
Nice bird, well prepared and lovely cushion

White Male
1st J Kay & Sons
Nice type, good footings – yellow legs

2nd S&S Windle
Well prepared bird – loose feathers
3rd J Kay & Sons
Nice bird, but a lot of ticking in feathers. Could be better prepared


White female
1st Nancie Hutchinson
Good type – small bird – well prepared but bit of ticking in feathers

2nd J Kay & Sons
Nice type – could be better prepared – sappy

3rd S&S Windle
Nicely prepared bird

Mottle M/F (1 entry)
1st J Dawn
Nice bird – bit narrow, lovely yellow legs

Cuckoo M/F
1st B Carlos
Very good type bird – nicely prepared

2nd B Carlos
Good bird – well prepared, spoiled by her head

3rd WT Jorden
Average bird

Buff M/F
1st E Boothman
Only one in class and badly prepared

Lavender M/F
1st WT Jorden
Nice bird – good type

2nd N Haley
Average bird and badly prepared

3rd P Short
Small bird – bad head

Partridge M/F
1st DC Mann
Nice small bird – good markings

2nd B Carlos
Average bird

AC Cockerel
1st W Birkett & Son
Good type well prepared

2nd B Carlos
Nice bird but badly prepared

AC Pullet
1st S&S Windle
Nice bird – good eye colour

Columbian M/F
1st E Boothman
Average bird

Blue M/F
1st B Carlos
Average bird, bad comb

2nd G&A Brook
Badly prepared

3rd G&A Brook
Badly prepared

A.O.C. Standard/Non Standard
1st B Carlos
Nice typey bird, well prepared

2nd E Boothman

3rd E Boothman
Very similar

Juvenile – 1 entry
P Short
Nice bird