Northern Championship Show 17th January 2011

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Results from the Pekin Area Club Show held at the Northern Championship Show, January 2011.


Best Pekin - G Traviss - White Pullet
Reserve - Black Hen - Priestley & Saunders
B.O.S - J Kay & Sons - Black Cock
Most Points - J Kay & Sons

Black Cock: 1st J Kay & Sons, 2nd Duncan & Stevenson, 3rd DW & H Sill
Black Hen: 1st Priestley and Saunders, 2nd DW & H Sill, 3rd H & H Redihough
Black Cockerel: 1st S Stanhope, 2nd J Kay & Sons, 3rd S & S Windle
Black Pullet: 1st J Kay & Sons , 2nd S & S Windle, 3rd Priestley & Saunders
White Cock: 1st G Traviss, 2nd J Kay & Sons
White Hen: 1st S & S Windle, 2nd D W & H Sill, 3rd S Stanhope
White Cockerel: 1st S & S Windle, 2nd G Traviss, 3rd JD Hoyland
White Pullet: 1st G Traviss, 2nd J Kay & Sons, 3rd EW Boothman
Buff M/F: 1st EW Boothman, 2nd EW Boothman, 3rd Priestley & Saunders
Blue M/F: 1st Priestley and Saunders , 2nd JD Hoyland, 3rd Priestley & Saunders
Mottle Male: 1st JD Hoyland, 2nd Priestley & Saunders, 3rd B Carlos
Mottle Female : 1st JD Hoyland, 2nd G Traviss, 3rd G Traviss
Cuckoo Male: 1st B Carlos
Cuckoo Female: 1st B Carlos, 2nd B Carlos, 3rd J Kay & Sons
Partridge M/F: 1st B Carlos, 2nd B Carlos, 3rd EW Boothman
AO Standard Colour M/F: 1st EW Boothman (Silver Birchen)